Protect Our Natural Treasures

  • Pass Legislation which allows Florida to effectively combat climate change and sea level rise.

  • Strengthen state laws which protect our State’s water, air, and wetlands.

  • Utilize “blue and green” engineering technology to improve weather related infrastructure.

Deliver a World Class Education

  • Deliver resources, technology, and innovation to our public-school classrooms.

  • Implement a step plan, providing appropriate compensation for long tenured public-school teachers.

  • Increase access to postsecondary education and employment options through the expansion of trade and vocational programs.

Support a Safe and Responsible Economic Resurgence

  • Promote responsible health practices in the reopening of small businesses, while allowing our community a return to normalcy.

  • Provide state assistance to small business owners in order to create sustained success, post COVID-19.

  • Hold the line on taxes, fees, and unnecessary licensure to create a business-friendly environment and allow the private sector to drive job growth.

Maintain the Character of Our Community

  • Prohibit oversized commercial and mixed-use development projects that infringe on residential neighborhoods and green space.

  • Encourage balanced coding policies which disallow incompatible growth, while protecting the rights of homeowners.

  • Promote restoration projects aimed at improving the ecological and aesthetic value of our natural treasures.